Domain Insights and Surprises: 2023 London Domain Summit Recap

The 2023 London Domain Summit, hosted at the prestigious Hilton London Metropole Hotel, emerged as a pivotal event in the domain industry. With a diverse international audience, this two-day gathering became a focal point for knowledge exchange, networking, and groundbreaking industry revelations. In this comprehensive recap, we’ll dive into the pivotal speakers, enlightening sessions, and memorable moments that defined this year’s summit.

Day 1: August 22, 2023

The summit’s inauguration featured a captivating keynote presentation by Yue Dai, representing Dai’s profound insights into the secondary market for premium domain names in China set the tone for the event. He underscored the exponential growth of this market, illuminating new opportunities for domain investors worldwide.

A highlight of the day was the social event at the Metropole, offering attendees a unique chance to connect with fellow domain professionals. Distinguished guests, including Helmuts Meskonis, the Founder of the London Domain Summit, Lars Jensen from ShortDot SA, Andrey Insarov of IT.COM, and Mark Ghoriafi of, lent their presence to this vibrant gathering.

IT.COM’s Star Turn as Sponsor and Exhibitor

IT.COM, a renowned domain name registry, took center stage as a presenting sponsor and exhibitor at the event. Their lineup of speakers, featuring domain industry veteran Joe Alagna and enterprise domain expert Tess Diaz, showcased the benefits of partnering with their international registry. In a surprising twist, IT.COM unveiled a three-year partnership with the Armageddon Championship Series, highlighting the growing influence of Chess within the IT community.

Day 2: August 23, 2023

The second day commenced with a dynamic panel discussion on the art of buying and selling premium domain names. Experts unveiled their proven strategies for successful domain investments, offering valuable insights to both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Throughout the summit, attendees reveled in opportunities for networking and engaging in face-to-face conversations with industry peers from around the world. A standout moment featured Sam Charles, a British domain name developer and consultant, sharing an unforgettable moment with Braden Pollock, a renowned domain investor from the United States.

Exploring Tomorrow: Web 3 Domains and the Nominet Debate

Eleonora Bellotto and Federico Costa from transported the audience into the future with their illuminating presentation on Web 3 domains. Their exploration of this emerging concept left attendees contemplating the evolving domain landscape.

The summit reached its climax with a live debate between Thomas Rickert and Steve Wright, both candidates vying for the position of member-elected non-executive director at Nominet, the .uk registry operator. Their spirited exchange provided attendees with a glimpse into the future direction of this vital organization.

Celebration and What Lies Ahead

As the summit’s business segment concluded, industry luminaries transitioned into the vibrant London nightlife. A candid snapshot captured Munir Badr, Joe Alagna, Yue Dai, Andrey Insarov, and Rolandas Japertas enjoying the camaraderie and energy of the event.

Helmuts Meskonis, the visionary behind the summit, expressed his satisfaction with the summit’s outcome and left attendees with an enticing promise—the next edition of the London Domain Summit in 2024, poised to deliver an even more exhilarating and valuable experience for the domain community.


In summary, the 2023 London Domain Summit served as a testament to the thriving domain industry. It featured remarkable speakers, insightful sessions, and unexpected collaborations that left attendees inspired and eager to continue their journey in the ever-evolving domain landscape.



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