Domain Dispute Resolved: Take Note Trademark and the Domain Name

In a world where online domains and trademarks collide, a recent dispute has emerged that highlights the complexities surrounding intellectual property in the digital age. The case involves a technology company, focused on AI-based transcription services, and a UK-based domain name owner, both vying for control over the domain. With allegations of bad faith registration and conflicting claims over trademark rights, this case has captivated legal minds and tech enthusiasts alike.


The Complainant, a prominent technology company specializing in AI-based transcription, made headlines in March 2022 when it acquired Take Note Ltd., a UK-based company known for its ownership of the UK Trademark for the mark “TAKE NOTE,” registered back in August 2008. Take Note Ltd. had extensively promoted this trademark to its target consumers through various online media, including its website at The twist in the tale came when the Complainant discovered that the UK Respondent had registered the disputed domain name,, in March 2023, just after the acquisition. The domain resolved to a single-page webpage offering “speech-to-text AI” transcription services and listing a London address.

Key Facts:

  1. The Complainant acquired Take Note Ltd. in March 2022, which held the UK Trademark for “TAKE NOTE” registered in 2008.
  2. The Respondent registered the domain in March 2023, shortly after the Complainant’s acquisition of Take Note.
  3. The Respondent claimed to be working on an AI voice transcription project, with significant progress and partnerships with large companies.
  4. The Respondent offered to sell the disputed domain to the Complainant for USD $50,000, which went unanswered.
  5. The Respondent argued that they were unaware of the acquisition of Take Note by the Complainant and that “take note” is a commonly used phrase.

Panel’s Decision:

The dispute was brought before Mr. Jeffrey M. Samuels, a panelist with expertise in domain name disputes. Mr. Samuels issued a comprehensive decision that examined several key aspects of the case.

  1. Trademark Rights: The Panel acknowledged that the Complainant had acquired Take Note Ltd., the holder of the UK Trademark for “TAKE NOTE.” Therefore, the Complainant had rights in the TAKE NOTE mark.
  1. Abandonment: The Respondent argued that the mark had been abandoned due to the rebranding statement. However, the Panel declined to find abandonment under the expedited procedures of the UDRP.
  1. Legitimate Interests: The Panel noted that the Respondent had made demonstrable preparations to use the disputed domain name. Considering the Respondent’s reasonable belief that the mark was abandoned and the dictionary definition of “take note,” the Panel couldn’t conclude that the Respondent had no legitimate interests.
  1. Bad Faith: While the Panel found it unclear whether the domain was registered in bad faith, it concluded that the disputed Domain Name was not being used in bad faith.


In a twist of fate, the panelist, Mr. Jeffrey M. Samuels, decided to deny the complaint, allowing the Respondent to retain control of the domain. This case serves as a reminder of the intricate nature of domain disputes and intellectual property rights in the digital age. It underscores the importance of clear and convincing evidence in UDRP proceedings, and how even the most notable trademarks may not guarantee domain ownership.

In this ever-evolving landscape of online domains and trademarks, the case of is a vivid example of how the UDRP balances the interests of trademark holders and domain registrants. It teaches us that, except in cases of clear bad faith intent, the resolution of such disputes often lies in the hands of specialized panels. As technology continues to advance, we can expect more intriguing cases like this one to arise in the digital realm.

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