Do you know Nissan doesn’t have its .com domain name?

In a world where a digital presence is crucial, having the right domain name can make or break a brand’s online identity. One company that has had its fair share of domain name drama is Nissan Motors. You might be surprised to learn that Nissan, the automaker, doesn’t actually own the coveted “” domain name. So, what’s the story behind this unusual twist in the world of online branding?

A Clash of Names

The story begins in the early 1980s when Uzi Nissan, a resident of North Carolina, started incorporating businesses under his last name. Meanwhile, the global automotive giant, Nissan Motors, was still primarily recognized as Datsun. Fast forward to 1994, and the World Wide Web had just opened up for domain registrations. Uzi Nissan seized the opportunity and registered the domains and

The Legal Tussle

The conflict ignited in 1999 when Nissan Motors decided that it wanted these domain names for itself. A legal battle ensued, lasting several years and finally concluding in 2004, with the courts ruling in favor of Uzi Nissan. However, the struggle didn’t end there.

Nissan Motors, rather than securing the much-coveted domain, had to settle for, and Uzi Nissan continued to publicize the case, ensuring the battle stayed in the public eye.

A New Chapter in the Saga

The story took an unexpected turn in 2020 when Uzi Nissan passed away due to complications from COVID-19. But even in his absence, the battle persisted. In October 2023, his estate filed a civil action in Virginia, alleging that an unknown individual or entity, referred to as John Doe, had stolen the domain names.

The estate claims that John Doe gained unauthorized access to Uzi Nissan’s domain management accounts and used fraudulent documents to persuade the domain registrar, GKG, to transfer ownership. Shockingly, the transfer happened on October 10, and the ownership was set to last until 2029. GKG, the registrar, did not dispute the unauthorized transfer, leaving Uzi Nissan’s estate in the dark until they discovered the change in their records. Moreover, the alleged domain thief had already attempted to sell the domains.

Seeking Resolution

The Nissan estate is now on a mission to reclaim what they consider rightfully theirs: the and domains. They aim to have these domains transferred to GoDaddy and are seeking an award for court costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, and any other relief deemed just and proper by the court.

As a result of this ongoing dispute, both and are currently offline. This situation could be more frustrating for the car company than the occasional confusion with Uzi Nissan’s businesses, as at least his websites pointed accidental visitors to the car company.

The Takeaway

The Nissan vs. Nissan saga is a unique and ongoing case of domain ownership, legal battles, and alleged cyber theft. It underscores the importance of protecting your digital assets and the complexities that can arise in the ever-evolving online landscape. While the outcome of this particular dispute remains uncertain, it serves as a reminder that the world of domain names is not just a matter of registering a digital address but can lead to intricate legal and cybersecurity challenges. We’ll be watching closely as this remarkable story continues to unfold.



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