Dispute Resolution firm, with a spot on domain name receives 3.6 Million in funding

Legal proceedings are a tiring and lengthy procedure. With the digital age, new firms are coming up to ease people’s way of dealing with laws and regulations. 

Immediation is a global firm that offers digital courtrooms, arbitration and mediation services. The platform works on an immaculate domain name, Immediation.com. The domain name and the company’s name is perhaps an acronym for immediate intermediation. Thus, establishing the company’s proficiency in Intermediation, and that too immediately, meaning with a time effective approach

The company has a very encouraging clientele that includes the Federal Court of Australia, New Zealand’s Ministry of Justice and Domain Name Commission NZ. Yes, the Domain Name Commission of NZ is included in its user base. 

According to a report by TechCrunch, the company has received a funding of 3.6 Million Australian Dollars. This comes as company hopes to broaden it functionalities to the West. The company hopes to maintain its presence in US and the European countries.


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