Digital Domain, the company bringing Dumbledore to life

Dumbledore is again alive, thanks to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The new movie named ‘The Secrets of Dumbledore’ is in the theatres and is mesmerising everyone with its visual spectacle. But do you know the Company behind all these beautiful animations? 

The Company behind this is Digital Domain. The Company has been associated with a list of revolutionary and path breaking visual creations. The company’s portfolio includes the likes of X-Men, Matrix, Deadpool and the mighty Avengers. 

The filmmaking of the Dumbledore movie faced unique problems. The pandemic introduced limits on the number of gatherings of people. But the movie required a scene that included thousands of people. The people had gathered for the election of the post of Ministry of Magic. 

In this situation, Digital Domain stepped in. The company hired a few actors and dressed them in different types of clothings representing different types of people at the election. The stills of these artists were then edited to add different permutations of other types of clothing, hair as well as other features digitally. This process resulted in the unique replication of an election without actually having as many people required. 

The company operates at the perfect domain name of


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