DHS Launches PreventionResourceFinder.gov to Counter Domestic Terrorism

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its federal partners launched PreventionResourceFinder.gov, a new website that aims to prevent targeted violence and terrorism by providing easy access to available grants, research, training opportunities, and other resources across 17 federal agencies. 

This initiative builds upon the Biden-Harris Administration’s National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, released in June 2021, and last year’s United We Stand Summit. With nearly 100 federal resources featured on PreventionResourceFinder.gov at initial launch, the site will be continuously updated with new and refined content to support communities worldwide.

Organised into Five Searchable Categories

PreventionResourceFinder.gov is organised into five searchable categories, making it easy for users to find the information they need. These categories are:

  1. Community Support Resources
  2. Information-Sharing Platforms
  3. Grant Funding Opportunities
  4. Evidence-Based Research
  5. Training Opportunities

Each category is further organised by the audience it is intended to reach, such as community partners, faith-based organisations, educators, and behavioural health providers. By organizing resources in this way, PreventionResourceFinder.gov ensures that users can find the information they need quickly and easily.

Collaborative Effort

PreventionResourceFinder.gov is the result of collaborative efforts between 17 federal agencies, including the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Justice. These agencies have contributed a wide array of resources, including educational materials, training, and information on grant funding. Visitors to the website will also be able to access multimedia content such as testimonials and videos. Users can filter content by federal agency, intended audience, keyword, department, or office.

Notices of Funding Opportunity

DHS recently released Notices of Funding Opportunity for the Fiscal Year 2023 Preparedness Grants, including the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, and for the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program. These grant programs are focused on strengthening national preparedness by focusing on terrorism prevention activities and providing support to local projects that seek to prevent targeted violence and terrorism.


Targeted violence and terrorism pose a significant threat to global security. In recent years, several countries have experienced terrorist attacks and violent incidents, resulting in loss of life and damage to infrastructure. In this context, the launch of PreventionResourceFinder.gov is a welcome development, providing a valuable resource for preventing such incidents. The website will be particularly useful for non-profit organisations, first responders, educators, and behavioural health providers, among others.

PreventionResourceFinder.gov is a valuable resource for preventing targeted violence and terrorism. With nearly 100 resources available at launch and continuous updates, the website provides a wealth of information for non-profit organisations, first responders, educators, and behavioural health providers, among others. Its five searchable categories make it easy to find the information needed quickly and efficiently. This collaborative effort between 17 federal agencies is a significant step towards strengthening global security. 

For more information, visit www.PreventionResourceFinder.gov or email [email protected].


  1. Andrew Milo Avatar
    Andrew Milo

    The launch of PreventionResourceFinder.gov by the Department of Homeland Security is a positive step towards countering the growing threat of domestic terrorism in the United States. By providing a centralized resource for individuals and communities to access information on prevention strategies and resources, the DHS is empowering citizens to take an active role in preventing acts of violence and extremism. This initiative is an important aspect of addressing the complex and multifaceted nature of domestic terrorism, which requires a comprehensive approach that involves not only law enforcement and intelligence agencies, but also community-based organizations, faith-based groups, and mental health professionals. It’s crucial that we all work together to identify and address the root causes of domestic terrorism and extremism, while also respecting individual rights and civil liberties. The launch of PreventionResourceFinder.gov is a positive step towards achieving this goal.

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