Delhi High Court grants injunction to Adobe over counterfeit domain names

Delhi High Court faced a legal dispute against the domain name and trademarks belonging to Adobe. The Respondent is involved in several trademark infringements related to domain name registrations. 

The Court was brought into face to face with the registration of two domain names: and There is no doubt regarding the similarity of the registered domain name with that of the Plaintiff’s mark ADOBE. 

It was noted that the domain names were registered way back in 2004. The plaintiff became aware of the said domain names only when some of the plaintiff’s emails reached the Defendant. 

The Court noted that the defendant has been involved in similar trademark infringement case related to different brands such as Christian Dior, Japan Airways, AirFrance, etc. 

The Court restrained the Defendant from the access of the domain names and instructed the Police to take actions against the perpetrators. 


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