Dedicated Financial GBC’s inert strategy behind domain name change after rebranding

Dedicated Financial GBC went through a rebrand earlier this year. The company that earlier was known as Dedicated Commercial Recovery Inc. changed its name to Dedicated Financial General Benefits Cooperation (GBC). Following the renaming announcement the company has now launched its new domain name.

The company has transitioned to the new domain name of The company earlier had been working on  the erstwhile domain name of Although this might look like another domain name switch due to rebranding, there are additional layers to it that need to be highlighted here. The domain name change also has an underlying subtlety to it. The earlier domain name had the term ‘Dedicated’ and one alphabet for the rest of the words of the name, i.e., C,R and I. The new name follows the same pattern as it contains the term ‘Dedicated’ and alphabets G,B and C. However, there is one difference. There is no alphabet representing ‘Financial’ as ‘F’ in the new domain name. 

This small element is of significance which comes in light when you see the company’s logo carefully. It is Dedicated written in large fonts with other terms written below it in smaller fonts. This shows that this is the company’s intention to be called as ‘Dedicated’ or it is the short form of their name that they are hoping for. The new domain name probably reflects that. The dropping of ‘F’ in the domain name might be not just a coincidence. 

A check at the domain name rendered me empty handed as the domain name was already taken by some other entity. So, they went for what they could do in their limited boundaries. Currently, the older domain name redirects to the new


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