Datametrex AI files for three trademarks

A Toronto based AI company Datametrex, has applied for three trademarks at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and Registrar of Trademarks. These trademarks could be vital in security of the company’s brand and strengthening its future prospects. 

The three trademarks filed by Datametrex include: DATAMETREX ELECTRIC VEHICLE SOLUTIONS, DATEMETREX and DATEMETREX & DESIGN. These trademarks include the company’s brand name and all of assets related to it. Hence, the acceptance of these trademarks applications is crucial to the firm. 

The company’s primary domain name is The company provides services in three broad categories: Cyber Security, Telehealth and EV Solutions. 

The Electronic Vehicle industry is witnessing a revolution with various Start-ups working on this sector. Datametrex is no different, as evident from its trademarks fillings. 

DATAMETREX ELECTRIC VEHICLE SOLUTIONS filing explains it clearly. The AI company wants to provide services in the EV industry. Its main focus has been to provide services to tackle the Range Anxiety. 

Range Anxiety refers to a concern among EV owners as to the range the vehicle can go. The charging facilities for EV hasn’t been as accessible as required. Datametrex aims to tackle this particular issue, by providing a 24×7 On-demand service, ensuring your Electric Vehicle remains charged, ready to go and without any Anxiety of Range! 


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