Cryptocurrency run by Pakistani people trying to dupe TATA

Delhi High Court has admitted a case against a cryptocurrency that was trying to use the TATA name to sell its coins. The company is said to be a company run by Pakistani people, but based in the UK.

The company that is in question here is Hakuna Matata. The company has been selling cryptocurrencies under the brand name TATA. 

The Court admitted that it cannot be the case that the complainant is unaware of the original TATA company. TATA is an established global brand with a widespread presence in the Indian subcontinent. Given the Pakistani links of people behind this currency, it cannot be possible that they were unaware about it.

The respondents didn’t even try to hide the duplicity. The explicit display of the mark does point towards something unscrupulous. It is imperative that the motivation behind the people naming the currency TATA is not pure.

The court however, denied the plea to suspend the domain HakunaMatata.Finance. The court pointed out that just because it contains the term TATA, it cannot be infringing upon the complainant trademarks. The domain name doesn’t intend to dupe the complainant’s mark and the presence of complainant marks here can be considered a coincidence, hence cant be suspended.


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