Covenant Logistics’ logic behind name change AND a new website

Covenant logistics, or as you would have rather known it before now as Covenant Transportation, has completed its re-branding and name change process. The company has shifted its name, replacing the earlier word ‘Transportation‘ by a new term ‘Logistics‘. 

The rebranding and name change came as a step to broaden the functionality and scope of activities that the company indulges in. This started when the company acquired another firm, LandAir. After this the company started to diverge its capabilities that isn’t just limited to Transportation, but includes warehousing and freight management services as well. 

The company revamped its website at Also, since it has acquired LandAir, also redirects to Covenant Logistics Group is NASDAQ listed company and trades under the ticker CVLG. The company has maintained a brilliant growth in the stock’s value that has surprised every speculator. By a margin of even more than 50%


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