Court fines $1 million to several pirate sites with one being related to a MP

Philippines based media company, ABS-CBN Corporation has won a case against several pirate sites. The district court in Florida decided in favor of the applicant and awarded a fine of $1 million on each of the mentioned sites along with other fines. 

The list includes 40 domain names, which contains domain names like,,, etc. There is an odd domain name also here. The domain name is The domain name belonged to Graig White, a MP from Britain. This domain name was however taken from him by the pirates

Most of these domain names have the term Pinoy in them. Pinoy means something that is related to the Philippines. This goes true as most of these domain names were streaming content based in the Philippines

Although a curb to the mushrooming of piracy sites would be difficult to attain completely. Judicial incursions like this might be able to dissuade them to some extent. 
Read more about the issue here.


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