Complaint granted in 10 domain names, awarded RDNH in 1

The results of domain names can be often unpredictable. Sometimes you think that this party’s case seems stronger, however the decision comes exactly opposite to that. But seldom do the rulings come as mixed as in our today’s story.

Today’s story involves multiple domain names with the same Second-level domain name as ‘IdahomeRealty’. The Complainant was Idaho Home Realty LLC. It owns a trademark over “Idaho Home Realty Group LLC” mark and logo, issued in March 2021. It has also received an assignment of all rights over two marks ‘IDAHOME REALTY’.

The Respondent registered the domain name in January 2013. Clearly, the Complainant had no trademark rights then. The Respondent used the domain name to engage in a real estate business that ended earliest by 2017. 

Both the parties even engaged in conversation with each other over the domain name However, an agreement wasn’t achieved. Shortly, after this the Respondent registered 10 other domain names with the same Second-level domain name under different TLDs. Respondent even offered these domain names to the Complainant in subsequent conversations.

The panel noted that the latter 10 domain names were registered in bad faith. As, the Respondent had left real estate business long ago and no legitimate interest but for monetary gains against the Complainant. However, the panel also noted that in the conversations, the Complainant claimed how well versed it is in Domain Name Dispute Resolution procedures. Thus, the Complainant must have also been aware that the Respondent registered the domain name way before it acquired trademark rights over it.

The panel gave relief to the Complainant over the latter 10 domain names. It was also awarded a RDNH in the case of

To know what the other 10 domain names were and to read the case in full detail. Click here.


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