Complaint for trademark domains denied, RDNH in the rest

UDRP decisions are not always for the acquisition of domain names. It is also often used to strengthen one’s case on some ongoing disputes. Domain Name arbitrations’ decisions can be overruled at other Courts of Justice. However, the findings of dispute resolution institutes are still of great value and can influence other proceedings.

A similar dispute between two parties in the Bahamas also reached the WIPO. The dispute was over a bunch of domain names. These included,,,,,, and

The Complainant claims that it owns the trademark over, which is one of its assets, BELLA FORREST. The Court pointed out that the parties of this case are already involved in a legal dispute and the findings of this panel would have no practical significance.

Moreover, to the contrary of the Complainant’s hopes, the panel denied the Complaint in all of the trademark related domains,,, and because the above mentioned reason. On the rest of the two domains and, the Panel had different ruling. The Court noted that the Complainant has no related trademarks over these domains and hence the Complaint was in Bad Faith. RDNH was awarded in these two domains.

Read the case in full detail here.


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