Complainant fails to ‘reassure’ the panel

Reassure Midco Limited is a UK based company that provides financial services, including pensions, life insurance and investments. In 2017, the Company was among the largest Life Insurance groups in the UK. The company however, was aggrieved over the registration of the domain name The Company thus approached WIPO, seeking relief.

The Complainant claims usage of ReAssure mark since 2011. The Complainant also owns a figurative EU trademark on the term registered in May 2012. The Complainant also claims ownership of the domain name

The Respondent works in relation to Branding.  The Respondent presents that the domain name was registered in relation to the launch of a new home monitoring product in Ireland. The Respondent stated that the disputed domain name was one of his four final choices. In order to prove this, he presented the ownership of the domain name

The Respondent presented that during the registration of the disputed domain name, he did lookup for trademark holders related to the name in concern. However during his research, he couldn’t find any trademarks registered in relation to the terms in the present dispute. 

The panel found that the Respondent has presented enough evidence to establish the legitimate use and interest on the disputed domain. Using a domain name for PPC, is a legitimate investment. 

The Complaint was thus denied. 

You can read the full case here.


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