Combating Online Piracy in Italy: The Power of Domain Name Blocking

Italy has been grappling with a significant issue of online piracy, especially in the streaming market. To combat this menace and protect the rights of content creators and copyright holders, the Italian government has taken a proactive step by introducing a new anti-piracy law. Among the various measures, domain name blocking stands out as a potent tool in the fight against illegal access to live sports content through unauthorized IPTV services. This article delves into Italy’s approach to tackling online piracy through domain name blocking, in compliance with EU recommendations.

Understanding the Impact of Online Piracy in Italy:

Piracy has emerged as a serious challenge in Italy’s streaming market. The government has recognized the detrimental effects of unauthorized IPTV offerings, especially concerning live sports events. Both the sports and non-sports related pirated streams have garnered widespread popularity among Italian netizens, leading to substantial losses for rights holders and content creators.

The New Anti-Piracy Law and Its Powerful Tools:

The Italian parliament recently passed a new anti-piracy law aimed at disrupting the illegal IPTV business. This legislation grants the Authority for Communications Guarantees (AGCOM) enhanced powers to combat piracy effectively. One of the key provisions is the authority to issue “dynamic injunctions” against pirate IPTV services, targeting illegal live streaming of events.

Dynamic Injunctions: A Game-Changer in the Fight against Piracy:

The concept of dynamic injunctions empowers AGCOM to take swift action to disable access to pirated content within the first 30 minutes of its broadcast. This involves blocking Domain Name System (DNS) resolution of domain names associated with piracy and obstructing network traffic to IP addresses specifically intended for illegal activities. This agile approach to enforcement ensures that piracy is curtailed before it gains significant momentum.

EU Recommendations and Compliance:

Italy’s new anti-piracy measures align with the recommendations issued by the European Union concerning dynamic injunctions. By adhering to EU directives, Italy is positioning itself as a leader in the European fight against online piracy, setting a precedent for other countries to follow.

Domain Name Blocking: An All-Encompassing Solution:

AGCOM’s new powers extend beyond sports events to cover all live events, including non-sports ones. This comprehensive approach enables AGCOM to address a broader spectrum of piracy issues and safeguard diverse content industries.

ISPs and Prompt Action:

To ensure swift enforcement of domain name blocking, internet service providers (ISPs) are now mandated to promptly respond to AGCOM’s blocking requests. ISPs play a crucial role in implementing these measures and actively support the fight against online piracy.

Penalties for Non-Compliance:

To further deter ISPs from neglecting their responsibilities, the law imposes significant administrative fines ranging from €10,620 to €265,000 for non-compliance with AGCOM’s orders. This financial burden aims to motivate ISPs to cooperate fully in blocking illegal content.

Viewer Identification and Penalties:

The anti-piracy law also holds viewers accountable. Individuals who consume illegal IPTV streams may face fines of up to €5,000, highlighting the severity of the piracy issue and discouraging users from engaging in illegal activities.


Italy’s new anti-piracy law, with its focus on domain name blocking, is a bold step towards combating online piracy and protecting intellectual property rights. By adhering to EU recommendations and expanding powers over both sports and non-sports-related pirate streams, Italy has positioned itself at the forefront of the fight against online piracy in Europe. With the implementation of these measures, it is hoped that piracy in Italy’s streaming market will be curtailed, leading to a more robust and secure digital content ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.


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    Richard Wilson

    Italy has taken a proactive step in combating online piracy, particularly in the streaming market, by introducing a new anti-piracy law. Among the measures, domain name blocking has been implemented as a potent tool to prevent unauthorized access to live sports content via illegal IPTV services. This move aligns with EU recommendations and aims to protect the rights of content creators and copyright holders.

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