Ciner Resources lp to rebrand after investment from Turkish company


Ciner Resources LP, is a trono ore mining and soda ash production company that works along with its subsidiary Ciner Wyoming LLC. Ciner Wyoming is one of the largest and the most cost effective soda ash companies in the World. The production process operates through the Green River Basin in the US state of Wyoming. 

The company had a major investment from the US subsidiary of Turkish Company Sisecam, Sisecam Chemicals USA Inc. Sisecam Chemicals bought 60% of Ciner Resources Corporation. Post this acquisition Ciner has announced a name change. The company would be henceforth known as Sisecam Chemicals Resources LLP. The rebranding is not limited to the Parent Ciner Resources LP. The subsidiary Ciner Wyoming LLC would also rebrand to Sisecam Wyoming LLC. Sisecam holds 74% 

Company’s ticker in the New York Stock Exchange will also change from CINR to SIRE. When it comes to the domain name update, the company seems to lag a little. The original domain names of and are still functional and working.

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