China’s Cybersecurity Triumph: The Secure Success of the 19th Asian Games

The 19th Asian Games, held recently in Hangzhou, China, have not only dazzled the world with remarkable sporting achievements but have also set a gold standard in cybersecurity. Behind the scenes of this colossal event, security personnel worked relentlessly, fortified by cutting-edge technology and unwavering support from local authorities. The result? A flawless execution, with zero errors in personal information protection, data transmission, and content security, showcasing China’s prowess in network security.

The Challenge of High-Tech Sports Events

International sports events have long been showcases for innovative technologies. However, the application of these technologies has brought about new risks. From official websites to ticketing systems, broadcasting to scoring systems, sports events have unwittingly turned into attractive hunting grounds for cybercriminals. Their objectives can range from stealing athletes’ and officials’ personal data to disrupting events for political or financial gain.

The 19th Asian Games, as the first “Smart Asian Games,” integrated a plethora of intelligent technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G. The implementation of the first “cloud Asian Games,” where the entire core system relied on a cloud network, proved to be a game-changer. Scores were reflected in the system in a mere five seconds, demonstrating the efficiency of this setup.

Innovative Security Measures

In the face of unprecedented challenges due to the event’s vast scale, new security models combining AI, machine learning, and other technologies were introduced. These innovations resulted in a remarkable 70 percent increase in the security operation’s effectiveness.

In the past, identifying and analyzing suspicious network threats demanded the laborious efforts of multiple cybersecurity experts working long hours. However, with the advent of AI-powered models, these threats could now be addressed in just one second, significantly enhancing efficiency.

DAS-Security, responsible for securing more than 40 core event systems, 87 venues, and cloud computing centers across six cities during the Games, ensured that personal information remained impervious to breaches and security loopholes. This feat exemplifies China’s adherence to international standards and its recognition by the global community.

Uninterrupted Connectivity and Government Involvement

Throughout the Games, there were no signal interruptions in broadcasting or livestreaming. This uninterrupted connectivity underpinned information infrastructure security, serving as the bedrock of overall data security.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology played a vital role in cybersecurity efforts. They disposed of over 64,000 malicious IP addresses and domain names on the internet and removed more than 6,500 malicious programs before the Games. Their proactive measures also extended to combating telecommunications and internet fraud, disposing of 110,000 suspicious telephone numbers, internet accounts, and domain names.

A Recipe for Success: Social Harmony and Stability

While robust cybersecurity measures were essential, the success of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou was not solely dependent on technology. Strong support from Hangzhou and Zhejiang authorities in maintaining social harmony and stability was a crucial element. Over the past two decades, Zhejiang Province has consistently ranked among the top regions in terms of people’s satisfaction with their sense of security. This achievement is attributed to an emphasis on risk governance, the promotion of the rule of law, digital empowerment, and improvements in assessment mechanisms.

In sum, the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou not only celebrated athletic excellence but also served as a testament to China’s cybersecurity capabilities. With a spotlight on innovation and efficiency, the event showcased the country’s ability to secure large-scale international gatherings. In an era of growing digital threats, China has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to safeguarding both its citizens and the world at large.



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