Chicago Journal & The Chicago Journal

Chicago Journal is a digital media house bringing to the world the latest stories of the City of Chicago. The Company recently posted about an interesting and ‘kindly’ existence of a similar Journal. 

Chicago Journal was getting numerous queries regarding the existence of another digital platform Chicago journal, which operates on the domain name, has announced that it has NO CONNECTION with this domain name. 

Chicago Journal in its post also presented details about The Chicago Journal. The company is a part of a collaboration called News Anchored. News Anchored was formed after the amalgamation of 24 companies. The Chicago Journal is one of the 24 companies. The domain name was registered just two days after the domain

Chicago Journal clearly mentions that it has no trademarks over either the ‘Chicago’ mark nor on ‘Journal’ mark. Chicago Journal also stated that since they couldn’t find that The Chicago Journal was trying to benefit from its name, they didn’t take any action. 

This is pleasing on several levels. Companies seldom allow such similarity to their brand. Chicago Journal did that, which shows the confidence of the people working there.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    It’s a very nice move by Chicago Journal which shows it’s clear image in the market and also, it interprets that it has no issues with similar brand name until they are trying to copy their product or use their brand name. But I think is a nice domain name and they should registered the trademark for their brand name so, that they can avoid any type of domain infringement and having the trademark also helps the company in the UDRP process.

  2. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    The article discusses how Chicago Journal, a digital media house, clarified that it has no connection with a similar platform, Chicago Journal also provided details about the other company, which is a part of News Anchored, a collaboration of 24 companies. Although Chicago Journal has no trademarks over the words “Chicago” and “Journal,” they did not take any action against the other platform as they did not find any evidence of it trying to benefit from their name. The article praises Chicago Journal for allowing the similarity in the brand and showcasing the confidence of its people.

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