Celebrating Changemakers: .ORG Impact Awards Unveil Global Heroes`

In a world bustling with challenges, it’s heartening to witness organizations and individuals stepping up to create positive ripples of change. The recently concluded .ORG Impact Awards, hosted by the Public Interest Registry (PIR), recognized seven remarkable winners from a pool of nearly 1,000 applicants spanning 70 countries.

Hope for Justice: A Beacon in the Fight Against Modern Slavery

Taking home the prestigious .ORG of the Year award and a $50,000 USD donation, Hope for Justice is on a mission to end modern slavery. Beyond awareness, the organization employs a diverse team, including investigators, outreach workers, trainers, and legal experts, working tirelessly to prevent exploitation, rescue victims, restore lives, and reform society. A well-deserved honor for their unwavering commitment.

Community Building: Kakenya’s Dream Lights the Path

Kakenya’s Dream, awarded $10,000 USD, stands out for investing in girls from rural communities, creating agents of change through education, health, and leadership initiatives. What started as a humble school beneath a tree has blossomed into two boarding schools and numerous programs empowering thousands in rural Kenya. A testament to the transformative power of education.

Quality Education for All: Seeding Labs Nurturing Global Scientific Minds

Seeding Labs, receiving $10,000 USD, is sowing the seeds for global scientific progress. By providing scientists worldwide with the tools and training to tackle local challenges, they strengthen the global scientific community. Their approach ensures that research is at the forefront of addressing global issues, from diseases to food security and environmental protection.

Environmental Stewardship: CREATE Borneo’s Indigenous Empowerment

CREATE Borneo, honored with a $10,000 USD donation, stands out for equipping indigenous youth to preserve their culture while engaging in the economy responsibly. Focused on renewable energy technologies, this village-based initiative allows indigenous communities to harness their resources on their terms, fostering environmental stewardship.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Hope for Justice’s Double Victory

In a dual triumph, Hope for Justice not only clinched .ORG of the Year but also secured the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion award, bagging an additional $10,000 USD. Beyond its primary mission against modern slavery, the organization actively promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, showcasing the holistic approach needed for social change.

Health and Healing: HERhealthEQ Bridging Healthcare Gaps

Born out of a need to reduce the healthcare equity gap for women globally, HERhealthEQ received $10,000 USD. From a single mammogram donation to a web of healthcare solutions, the organization focuses on improving women’s health in developing countries, ensuring access to medical devices and equipment to create an equitable standard of care.

Hunger and Poverty: WHOlives Bringing Sustainable Change

WHOlives, dedicated to providing clean water in a self-sustainable process, claimed a $10,000 USD donation. By establishing local ownership and economic incentives, WHOlives ensures the continuous operation of wells. This initiative not only addresses water scarcity but leads to improved education, health, and sanitation, fostering greater community development.

Rising Star: Stanley Anigbogu’s LightEd Illuminating Lives

Stanley Anigbogu, the mind behind LightEd, was honored with $10,000 USD. This renewable energy company focuses on lighting up homes in rural and urban communities using innovative solutions crafted from recycled e-waste and plastic waste. LightEd’s goal is ambitious – empowering over 5 million Africans to live sustainably by 2035.

In a world where impact often feels elusive, these .ORG Impact Award winners stand as beacons of hope. Their stories, diverse yet interconnected, showcase the power of collective efforts to address pressing global challenges. As we celebrate these changemakers, it’s a reminder that every action, big or small, contributes to building a brighter future for all.



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