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WCBS is the flagship station for CBS Network. The parent organization, CBS Network, is in the process of relocating its identity and name branding. In addition to that process is pointing to a new domain name. It is now pointing to

CBS Network is trying to change the way the public perceives it. To do so, the company is fine tuning its name brand and consolidating its distributed ventures. The company, it appears, is switching from its commonly used CBSN name to the new CBS News name.

The domain name until now redirected to Now, it redirects to the new In fact this is not the first case. Earlier, CBSNewYork also made the transition from to

The reason behind this unique change is two fold. First, is that the parent company is trying to bring all of its subsidiaries under one name. It thinks the accumulated brand strength of all its subsidiaries could do great benefits for the company as a whole. Second, is the parent company’s renaming plan. The new name CBS News is the desired name over erstwhile CBSN. This is because, in spite of being a small and compact name, CBSN would still fall short of the new choice of

This is because clearly identifies the functioning and scope of the domain. The domain in itself tells the visitor that they are about to intake News from a company called CBS. This ensures trust in the customers towards a company. Such a similar response is not possible with the name CBSN.


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