Can be the ESPN of technology?


Allbritton rolled out its second major journalism venture with After Politico’s success expectations are high with Protocol.

Protocol is “A new media company focused on the people, power and politics of tech.”

People are raising concerns that whether there is any need of a new entrant to tech journalism considering there are already Recode, Wired , the Verge, the Information, Bloomberg, Business Insider and Axios! Well, people raised similar concerns about Politico,  a political opinion company. 12 years later it is a force to be reckoned with. With a 750-person global headcount spread across six countries and eight U.S. states and $ 113 Million worldwide revenue nobody’s asking them that.

“We used to say Politico was the ESPN of politics. I’d love for this to be the ESPN of technology.”, said Politico owner Robert Allbritton.  Will Protocol achieve that? Only time will tell that but people there are hopeful!

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