Breville brings coffee to you directly from roasters, through this domain name

Breville, the popular home appliance company has ventured towards the base of the caffeine industry. The Australian company has started a new platform to bring the best quality beans to all the coffee lovers out there. Breville has begun this new venture with an on-spot domain name.

Breville has named the platform Beanz, which operates on the domain name The choice of the domain name is a very smart one. There are multiple reasons for it. First, its proximity to the name Beans. Beanz is very similar to a commonly known word and hence can be easily remembered. Second, it diversion from the name Beans. This might seem contradictory but the difference of ‘z’ in Beanz is also a positive for it. The ‘z’ gives it a unique identity that would have been missing from a more common term like ‘Beans’. The ‘z’ in it also gives a style and cool factor to the name. is going to be a boon for all the coffee lovers. They are going to bring freshly roasted beans directly from your local roasters to your house. They are very attentive towards the freshness of your beans. They even have a quiz which you can take to know which coffee is the best for you. You can choose from that or the long list of different choices of available coffee beans.


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