BRAVADA seeks to dominate Women’s Cosmetics with this domain name

As of 23/05/2021

BRAVADA International Ltd. has acquired yet another prominent domain name. As reported by BuisnessWire, the retail clothing company has acquired the domain name

The name is perfectly suitable and apt for the expansion of the apparel company. It doesn’t take much to guess the potential of the domain name. Women Cosmetics are one of the most sought after things on the internet. The name in itself would bring a huge number of customers. Perhaps this is the reason why they have ‘pre launched‘ the domain name. 

Pre Launching is a situation where the site is up, but the work hasn’t started yet. This is usually done to make people familiar with the name and the brand first, before launching it full-fledgedly. The domain name has been pre launched with the final launch time estimated around 9 to 12 months from now on. 

BRAVADA has a history of buying great domain names suitable for its needs. Over the years it has acquired premium domain names like,, and Now the company is focused towards Women’s cosmetics. So focused that it hasn’t just bought the .com domain name. It has also registered the same name in .net, .org, .biz, .ca, .club, .co, .info, .online, .shop, .site, .store and .world. It has also acquired and

Clearly. BRAVADA seems to be very very interested in the name and would want to capitalise it to its maximum extent.

How do you think would this BRAVADA acquisition pan out? Answer us in the comments.


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