BlackRock files complaint against typosquatting

BlackRock, the biggest asset management company in the world, had to reach the court against a couple of counterfeit domain names. The domain names were all centered around its primary domain name

In the complaint, BlackRock has accused the domain names of typosquatting. Typosquatting is a malicious technique in which fraudsters register domain names related to popular brands with a few alphabets wrongly placed. As in this case, some of the domain names included in the case were BALCKROCK.COM, BLACROCK.NET, BLACKRPCK.COM, BLACKROK.COM, etc. There were other domain names too, with some added terms such as BLACKROCKINVESTMENTS.COM, BLACKROCKINVESTORS.COM, BLACKROCKBANK.COM, etc. You can check the complete list here.

BlackRock is the largest asset management company in the world with assets worth over $10 trillion in management until January 2022. With its headquarters in New York City, it is a multinational corporation with offices in over 30 countries and a clientele extending to more than 100 countries. 

The company however has been facing heavy criticism over its investments in companies that are the biggest drivers of Global Warming. The company is said to have invested heavily in coal, oil and natural gas companies. An estimate attributed BlackRock to be responsible for 30% of total energy related emissions in the world.

BlackRock had responded to this controversy in a constructive manner. It reduced its investments in coal companies by a huge margin to satisfy the demands of climate activists.


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