Barcelona Jersey Number claimed through this domain name


Football icons have a different place in the heart of football fans worldwide. Their connection goes beyond the entertainment level and reaches a much deeper level. 

This could be seen in the way collectibles belonging to them are preserved and cherished by the fans all around. Even the action figures of retired icons are almost always sold out. That’s the craze for the sport among the people. 

However there is another way young footballers cope with this longing. This is through wearing the jersey number of their icons on their back. 

Pedro González López is a teenage midfielder in the La Liga Club Barcelona. The teenager has since long expressed his want for the Jersey Number 8. Now, he has apparently claimed the Jersey number 8 through the acquisition of the domain name This domain name currently redirects to another domain name

Pedro has wanted this Jersey number because of its association with his idol Andres Iniesta. The Spanish legend has adorned the iconic Jersey Number 8 and Pedro wants the same too. 

However his desire had been blocked as the Jersey Number has been occupied already both in his Barcelona team as well as his national Spanish team. In the Barcelona team the Jersey Number 8 is worn by Dani Alves da Silva, while in the Spanish team it is adorned by Jorge Resurrección Merodio. 

But, this season might give a window to the young player to finally claim that majestic number 8. Dani Alves might be playing in his last season. The 39 year old recently gained an injury while playing in the quarters and is not expected to return soon. 

Seeing this viable opportunity, Dani seems to finally fructify his long awaited desire. Maybe that, or he is aggressively presenting his contention for the Jersey Number. 

What is the actual reason for this domain name registration? That only time will tell, but we think Pedro has it! 

Stay tuned for further updates on domain names.

By The Wizard

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