Posts A Tribute To The Black Community; Website Crashes

Ever since the tragic death of George Floyd the whole world has been in a state of shock. The enraged people are coming on to the streets to show their protest against racial discrimination and police brutality, not only in the USA but around the whole world. Different companies are also showing their solidarity with the Black community. Joining the bandwagon has come the popular name suggestion website,

The website must have been one of your first visits, if you were ever looking for baby names, considering the perfect name of the website. However, last week something new happened. The website showed more than 100 names with the heading ‘Each one of these names was somebody’s baby’. All the mentioned names were people from Black community who had to lose their lives because of police brutality.

This soul stirring post garnered huge support online. A tweet that read “ok baby names dot com go off’ with a snapshot of the post garnered close to a quarter of a million retweets. Such was the popularity of this moving post that the website eventually crashed. The website was inaccessible and read ‘Hosting Server Read Timeout’. As of now however, the website is back online and is working fine. Visit the website and the post here.


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