Automobile extensions .Cars, .Car and .Auto to be sold

As of 14/06/2020

Isn’t it fun when websites used extension specific to their function rather than the same boring .Coms? .Car.Cars and .Auto are extensions tailor made for the automobile industry. However, after a 5 year stint in the domain industry the owners of the extensions are going to auction them, reported benzinga

The extensions were started by XYZ Registry and UNR Corp. XYZ registry is  the operator of the successful extension .XYZ. Both the companies jointly earned $ 11 Million from the sales of associated domain names. Now, both of them have mutually decided that it was time the extension changed hands for the better development of the same. 

The auction of the extensions is going to take place in July. It would be conducted by Innovative Auctions. Innovative Auctions is a Hong Kong based company that specialises in auctions. It got this auction because of its image and experience in the domain name community. The auction includes the extensions .Car, .Cars and .Auto, the Intellectual Property Rights, the respective Social Media accounts as well as the numerous reserved premium domains like,, etc.


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