Argentina’s legal gambling extension, getting increasing support

During the Covid pandemic a wave of counterfeit domain names mushroomed. Among a major contributor to that wave was the Online gambling industry. Argentina, in particular because it hosts a number of malicious domain names related to online gambling. 

The National Directorate of the Registry of Internet Domains of the National State has started a new extension to combat the spawning of counterfeit domain names. The extension can be used by parties trying to launch legal gambling platforms. In other words  is the mark of authenticity in the Argentinian online gambling sector. 

The extension a few months ago had just 30 participants. The Association of Argentine State Lotteries (ALEA) however has announced that there were almost 100 participants now. That does seem like some really fast development. 

100 is not a small number when considering the size of the sector. The extension is meant only for Online Gambling entities. Having 100 companies providing gambling services in a country is surely not a small number by any comparison. 

A dedicated extension upholding the legal online gambling arena is a welcoming step. The extension not only provides a solid branding platform to service providers but also gives users an easy indication of safety and security.


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