Are you prepared for Apple’s WWDC?

As of 23/06/2020

It is time for Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Also, colloquially called Dub Dub, the event is going to start from today. Although every year the conference is held at San Francisco, this year the event is happening online because of the Corona-virus epidemic.

The conference garners attention from both the developers and the consumers as a number of software and hardware products are launched here by the tech giant. The conference begins with a keynote from the CEO, which this year will be presided over by Tim Cook. Until his death in 2011 the keynote was delivered by Steve Jobs. Such was its popularity that it was even informally called the Stevenote.

As in every year people are speculating a lot of new changes from the company. An update to iOS, i.e., iOS 14 is expected along with better multitasking features. iPadOS 14 will perhaps also be launched along with it. Rumors are also that Apple might switch from Intel to its own processor. Also considering how iPadOS separated itself from the iOS, iPhoneOS also might do the same. The event will conclude on 26th of June.

So, it’s time to fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride to see how many of the speculations are true. Watch the live stream here.


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