Another start-up moves from .com to shorter .co

Playbuzz has moved from to Following on the footsteps of which changed from to, Playbuzz also shifted from domain to a .co. Playbuzz is storytelling platform that provides publishers & brands with interactive tools to craft engaging editorial & commercial content.

The step is seen as an addition to the continuing trend that marks a departure from the age-old tradition of giving unnecessarily large importance to the .com domains. Many firms see their domain as an extension of their broader vision of the company and they are not letting old traditions meddle into it.  Co-founder and CEO Tom Pachys told that, “The previous name does not reflect the values that we stand for today — not even future values”.

A look into the top 5 .co sales:

o.co350,000 USD2010-07-21Private
8.co115,000 USD2015-03-01Heritage Auctions
onlinecasino.co100,000 USD2011-10-19Private
leaf.co89,000 USD2016-10-16GritBrokerage
feed.co85,000 USD2018-06-04Sedo

Interestingly, 2 of the top 5 sales came in previous 3 years. So, folks trust your own vision and intuitions more than anything and anybody!


  1. ok so you didnt state the domain did they go from to PLAYBUZZ.CO

  2. to is different because they switched from 2 keywords to 1, and that keyword Supply is a STRONG word. to is stupid unless their company will be known as Ewhatever and Xwhatever. In the end its probably going to mean Ex as in their former domain:)

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