Amid the spike in Cloud servers usage due to Corona, .Cloud releases 100K premium domains.

There has been an increase in the dependence on Cloud based systems thanks to the Corona epidemic. With the regular workspaces closed, the digital workspace is suddenly overloaded. And this has led to a substantial rise in the usage of cloud servers. 

.Cloud aims at making the most of the situation with the release of more than 100K domains. With a new pricing structure with 9 tiers and 1 renewal price among all tiers, it has released 103, 395 domains. The list contains premium names that are suitable for new businesses and branding purposes. 

The Global cloud space is dominated by Giants like Amazon and Microsoft. Alibaba, though lags behind these giants has pressed the accelerometer with a $28.2 Billion investment. News of Apple going on a cloud computing hiring spree has also surfaced. Thus it can safely be said that, Cloud is no longer the fancy thing, but rather a necessity now! 


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