Amid falling figures, Waitr Holdings repositions to

Waitr Holdings Inc. is an instant online food delivery portal. The company is even listed on NASDAQ. It operates under the ticker WTRH. The company recently posted its financial results in the Fourth Quarter of 2021.

The company faced heavy losses in this quarter. The company’s revenue in this quarter fell by 17.5% when compared to the Third Quarter figures of 2021. Fourth Quarter figure at $38.6 million was substantially low to the previous quarter’s figures of $46.8 million. Even when compared to the Fourth Quarter of 2020, this is still a fall of 11%. Last quarter of 2020 had garnered $43.4 million for the company.

Along with the company’s figure, it has also released a statement regarding its rebranding. It said it has got the domain name and is also going to rebrand to it. This might actually be a very good step for the company.

The company operates in the low penetrated areas of food delivery. There certainly seems to be a problem in the company’s branding strategy till now. Waitr Holdings, although a good name is too formal and not that catchy.

Not hurting the sentiments of people involved in the profession, but the name Waitr seems like it would make you Wait. This certainly becomes an even bigger problem when the company is working in the instant food delivery ecosystem.

In such a situation, the company’s rebrand to seems just the perfect remedy. The domain name is perfect, small, crisp, on-point and self-explanatory. The name has a sense of energy to it and hums in the ears of customers. The name also gives a subconscious feeling that the delivery would actually be very fast.

Hope the awesome rebranding step transfers into their revenue as well. Looking forward to the new quarter figures of

The domain name is currently empty and only reads ‘ Coming Soon in 2022‘.


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