Amid Cost Cutting, Amazon Shuts Down Amp

In a recent announcement, Amazon has decided to shutter its live audio service, Amp. This move comes as part of the company’s efforts to streamline expenses amid a period of slowing sales and economic challenges. Amp, introduced in March 2022, allowed users to create and host their own live programs, where participants could join and request to speak. It was Amazon’s foray into the live audio space, a domain that gained significant attention with the rise of Clubhouse and the incorporation of live audio features by companies like Meta (formerly Facebook), Spotify, and X (formerly Twitter).

Why the Shutdown?

Amazon’s decision to close Amp wasn’t taken lightly. The company stated that while it was a difficult choice, they gleaned valuable insights into how live music communities interacted during Amp’s existence. These insights will now be channeled into creating new fan experiences within Amazon Music. In essence, while Amp is no longer, its legacy will live on in the evolution of Amazon Music’s offerings.

Amp’s Star-Studded Lineup

During its brief stint, Amp managed to attract big-name artists like Nicki Minaj, Lil Yachty, and Pusha T, who hosted their own live shows on the platform. This star-studded lineup added a touch of glamour to the service and showcased its potential for engaging with music fans in unique ways. However, despite these high-profile hosts, Amp’s journey was cut short.

Amazon’s Broader Cost-Cutting Measures

The decision to shut down Amp aligns with Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s broader strategy of reviewing and rationalizing the company’s expenses. Slower sales and economic uncertainties have prompted Amazon to take a hard look at its operations and make necessary adjustments. This isn’t the first time Amazon has taken such steps. In April, the company also closed its UK-based online bookstore, ‘Book Depository,’ which it had acquired in 2011.

Additionally, Amazon had previously revealed plans to eliminate certain positions within its Devices and Books businesses. These moves are all part of a concerted effort to optimize the company’s operations and finances for the changing economic landscape.

The Legacy of Book Depository

The closure of ‘Book Depository’ is particularly noteworthy. Founded in 2004 by Stuart Felton and Andrew Crawford, the company had a unique mantra: “less of more” instead of “more of less.” This approach focused on offering a wide range of books rather than a limited selection. Book Depository’s closure marked the end of an era for the UK-based online bookstore.

In conclusion, Amazon’s decision to shut down Amp serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to adapt to evolving market dynamics. While this move may disappoint some fans of the live audio service, it also highlights Amazon’s determination to prioritize its core operations and deliver the best possible experiences to its customers. As the company continues to navigate a changing business landscape, it remains to be seen what new innovations and services will emerge from Amazon’s ongoing efforts to optimize its operations and resources.



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