American Football attempts to RE-BRAND itself through this new domain name

As of 19/08/2021

World sports is changing. As a new generation of viewers emerges, sports need to reinvent itself too, to remain relevant. Accordingly, a new step has been taken by American Football. 

American Football’s International governing body, the International Federation of American Football has announced the launch of its new website. The federation has started The new platform has been launched on a .sport extension. .sport is a new extension designed exclusively for the sport related content by Global Association of International Sports Federation

.sport gives a different feel to the new website, which wouldn’t have been possible with any other extension. The new domain accurately directs the viewer towards its usage, with no scope left for ambiguity. Also, considering that the Federation is looking to portray the game as a modern and exciting sport, .sport is the perfect choice. The Federation currently operates at the domain name

With the NFL next month and Birmingham World Games, Alabama in 2022, American Football has a lot on its plate. Let’s see, how does the new step pan out! 


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