Alan Parsons awarded 5 million in trademark infringement case


Alan Parson has won the case of trademark infringement over his band the Alan Parsons Project. A US district court gave the decision in favor of Parsons and demanded that the Respondent pay $5 million in damages.

The Alan Parsons Project were a Scottish English Rock band. The band’s core membership included only two individuals: Alan Parsons and Eric Woolson. 

To promote the band, the Project hired another firm that goes by World Entertainment Associates of America (WEAA). The project has maintained that the band can terminate the contract when it finds fit. It was also presented that the Defendant had promised to never dilute or degrade the brand value of the band once the contract terminates. 

However, it wasn’t the case. WEAA hired some previous employees of the band. The Company then claims that it had 5 out of 7 band members. Thus, the company started organizing shows and then went on to show a false message as ‘The Original Parsons Project Band’. 

The complaint was submitted in 2020. The Court finally after hearing the case, decided against the defendant and supported the Complainant’s claim. The Complainant was also awarded relief for damages. 

You can view the judgment here.

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