AI Gains Traction: How Marketers in APAC Are Embracing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, marketers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are stepping up to the plate, ready to embrace the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Recent findings from a LinkedIn study shed light on this growing trend, revealing that a significant 76% of marketing professionals in APAC express confidence in utilizing AI technology.

Great Expectations for AI

A majority of marketers in the APAC region, including Singapore, are optimistic about AI’s impact on their work in the near future. An impressive 76% of respondents believe that AI will significantly change the way they operate within the next year. This reflects a shared anticipation of AI’s potential to revolutionize the marketing industry.

Boosting Productivity with AI

Nearly half of the surveyed marketers (46% globally, 54% in Singapore) are looking to AI to enhance their productivity. AI has the potential to automate routine tasks, allowing marketers to redirect their time and energy towards more creative and strategic endeavors.

Supporting Innovation through AI

A striking 87% of respondents globally (78% in Singapore) are convinced that AI will not just support their work but also foster innovative thinking within their teams. This implies that marketers see AI as a tool to stimulate fresh ideas and creative campaigns.

Generative AI Takes Center Stage

Generative AI, exemplified by tools like ChatGPT, is already finding its place in the marketing world. The study indicates that 60% of marketers in APAC currently employ this technology, with 50% experimenting with it. Additionally, an impressive 82% of B2B marketing leaders in Singapore have plans to increase their use of generative AI in the coming year.

Practical AI Applications

Marketers in APAC are eyeing AI to streamline various day-to-day tasks. These include summarizing lengthy articles and videos (82%), creating initial drafts of written content and presentations (78%), and even seeking AI’s assistance in problem-solving (77%). AI, in this context, is viewed as a valuable resource to optimize workflow.

AI’s Role in Unlocking Creativity

AI’s role in marketing extends beyond automation. It’s seen as a catalyst that frees marketers from the shackles of administrative work, allowing them to dedicate more time to crafting creative campaigns, engaging with customers, and delivering tangible results.

LinkedIn’s AI-Powered ‘Accelerate’

To aid B2B marketers in the campaign creation process, LinkedIn is rolling out “Accelerate,” an AI-powered automated marketing campaign creation experience. In just five minutes, Accelerate can recommend an end-to-end campaign strategy and optimization techniques. This tool aims to help marketers effectively reach their target B2B audience with compelling creatives, which they can adjust as needed before launching the campaign.

A Global Outlook

While Accelerate is currently in its pilot phase in North America, LinkedIn has plans to make it available worldwide by 2024. This expansion reflects the global significance of AI in marketing, offering professionals around the world the opportunity to harness its potential.

In conclusion, the LinkedIn study paints a clear picture of marketers in APAC embracing AI as a powerful ally in their quest to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. AI is not just a productivity booster but a catalyst for innovation and creativity, empowering marketers to make a bigger impact in a digital world that never stops evolving.



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