After securing domain name in WIPO, wins Federal case as well, has kept the possession of a domain name following the verdict in an Australian Court. The domain name in question here is Not only was awarded the domain name, but in fact the other party was asked to pay’s legal expenses as well.

Why did the court act so harshly on the other party? The reason behind this was probably this wasn’t the first time booth parties met in a legal battle over the contested domain name They had met earlier in the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) led .AU Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP) process.

Earlier, it was who was the complainant, who seeked comfort regarding the usage of a related domain name in Australia. The domain name was held by an Australian Business. In the auDRP process, the domain name was given back to\\

However, the previous owner brought back the case to Australia and filed a case in the Federal Court. objected to this procedure and even commented that neither the case disclosed any cause of action, nor did it had any that could interest the Federal Court of Australia. is an online second hand car sales business that operates globally. The company marked success in different countries such as India, SIngapore, etc.


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