After Ok Boomer, Ok Domainer getting popular with CEOs

Internet has yet to get over its obsession over “Ok Boomer” memes, when suddenly the domain name industry has toppled over “Ok Domainer. So, after 1946-1964 born, what is the new category that this news buzzword is aiming at?

Apparently, this term is getting quite popular with CEOs. This term is used by them when some domainer is asking a price way more than what the CEO expects. The CEOs take brand value very seriously and are interested in buying appropriate domains. But when they land on some domainers who supposedly presents him an overpriced rate, “Ok Domainer” is the typical reply CEOs give.

Some domainers are offended by this trend. According to them “the Ivy-league spoilt brats” don’t understand the domain industry well enough. They think that asking a 4-figure price for a domain they’ve been holding for years isn’t much, which the new CEOs fail to understand.

Well, for all we can say is that memes are really powerful!


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