ælf switches to this spectacular new domain name

As of 09/09/2021

aelf, stylised as ælf, is a blockchain company that has multi-chain parallel computing features. The company aims to solve the long pertaining scalability issue in the blockchain ecosystem. 

The company however recently made a whooping acquisition. The company in an outstanding branding push purchased a million dollar name. No, the use of ‘a million’ is not merely an adjective, the domain did actually cost a million dollars

The domain name that has been bought is aelf.com. The company had been, since a long time operating on the domain name aelf.io. The .io TLD is well known, and is very popular with tech businesses. However, a premium .com domain name does give a lot more credibility and prominence to a firm. As of now, the company owns both of the domain names. The  .io domain name however redirects to the .com domain name now. 

The aelf mainnet token swap is also live now. The swap comes with an exchange ratio of 1:1 and is valid for 3 months. However to include more people on board, the company is giving an extra 5% drop for the first 15 days


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