Accessing the implications of Online Dating Companies

So, it’s that time of the year. Either you are spending time with your special one or you are swiping left-right in order to find that special one. Dating platforms have grown significantly over the last few years. In 2019, Tinder generated $1.2 Billion. 

Gone are those days of the nervous, leg shaking proposals. In the Instagram era, where everything happens quickly, dating platforms have made a safe place for themselves. 30% of American adults have used these platforms. When you bring the age bar down to below 30, the figure jumps to 50%. Thus, establishing their stronghold with the younger population.

The effects of these companies however aren’t just limited to them. These have trickling effects that impact other fields too. One of them being the increasing expenses on men’s grooming products. You could say this just means men are focusing more on the body and the two situations are mutually independent. However the same trend hasn’t been seen with products related to fragrance. Thus establishing that the spike is because of the desire to look good in pictures online. It is very interesting how this virtually non-existent sphere some years ago is now driving consumer spending and household formation. People’s increased attraction towards restaurants, entertainment places, apparel spending,etc all are testament to this.

However everything isn’t so goody goody. A Pew Research pointed out some alarming facts. According to the report 37% of the people were contacted again even after they said they were not interested, 35% were sent explicit images even when they didn’t ask for it, 28% were called offensive names and 9% were threatened with physical harm. 

Dating platforms are a testament to what technology can do to our lives. By becoming a place where we can vent our heart’s desire. Let’s however also strive to keep it as a place where no one feels left out or hurt.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Link to Pew’s research:


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