A look into GigaLaw’s Domain Dispute Digest

GigaLaw has launched its first quarterly report of Domain Dispute Digest of the year. The report talks about the current trends and the overall situation of Domain Name Disputes. 

Domain Disputes in the first quarter of 2022 witnessed a 20% increase as in comparison to the same quarter of the previous year. The figure is even greater when instead of Domain Disputes, the number of Domain Names involved in the dispute is considered. Domain Names in disputes in the first quarter of 2022 witnessed a jump of 31.9% as compared to the first quarter of 2021.

Tye number of cases have clearly risen by a huge margin in 2021 and the trends seem to continue into 2022 as well. The rise in disputes is attributed to the onslaught of pandemic that generated a boom in the digital ecosystem. The pressure on the digital market led to an exceeding brand consciousness. This further led to the growing trend of domain disputes. 

However, the report presents another counter opinion. The report backs that the jump in cases is due to fraudsters’ increased willingness to give up domain names now. This led to more and more companies filing cases and getting positive results. Thus what it meant was that, the UDRP procedures are succeeding in their purpose. 

This could be backed by findings in the report. The report shows a 31.9% increase in the number of domain names as compared to only 20% increase in cases. This could partially imply that the cases include more domain names now. Hence, indicating towards a nexus in domain infringement by the Respondent. 

The report also presents that among all decisions, 94.6% of cases ended in a Transfer. This directly establishes that the Respondents are not putting an equal fight. It is a terribly one sided affair. 

Thus the report’s claims are also credible according to our discretion. The frequency of transfer has established a fear in the mind of the cybersquatters. They find it is better to transfer the domain name than to transfer the domain name later with a legal public document of humiliation. 

This coupled with the lockdown effect is leading to a pretty occupied domain disputes redressal environment. 

You can read the full report here.


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