A domain name revealed Putin’s billion dollar personal backing

A joint effort by the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and Russian news firm Meduza has found something important about Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin. The joint effort found a network of assets related to the Russian head of state, value of which has been calculated to be a staggering £3.7 billion ($4.5 billion).

The network consisted of 86 different Companies and Non-profit Organisations. The linkage between Putin and his network is an email Id. The email Ids all belonged to the same domain name LLCInvest.ru. The common domain name established the link as well as discovered Putin’s assets held through different persons. 

Putin’s assets include a Palace in Gelendzhik priced at over a billion dollars. A villa in the north of St Petersburg. Igora ski resort in Leningrad is also a part of the President’s assets. The assets have been held by his close associates to hide the true owner of these lavish properties. The Kremlin has however rejected the findings completely.

Domain Names can be deployed in different permutations. It can be used as the trademark, the brand of your firm. A strategic domain name acquisition could make your brand more prominent and visible. An appropriate domain name even as the power to grant you a status of monopoly in your business. However, not in the wildest dream would one think that it could reveal so much about such a prominent figure. 


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