30th birthday for .si

We just entered the month of April. One quarter of 2022 has already gone friends. And the sad part is that it’s not even an April Fool joke. It’s the reality! Before you begin lamenting on it, here is something positive for you. 1st of April also marked another very important event. The domain name extension .si  became 30 years old on that day. 

.si  is the ccTLD of the Republic of Slovenia. On 1st April 1992, the extension was listed with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Thus marking its 30th birthday this year. The TLD is entangled with the history of Slovenia. The country itself achieved independence just a year before the launch of ccTLD. Even during those earlier days of the internet, the new country made a priority to establish its ccTLD. Results of such awareness can be also seen in the current times. The country is a developed one, with one of the lowest economic disparities, among its citizens, across the globe.

Before gaining independence, Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia. The ccTLD of Yugoslavia is .yu. Hence, at the time of independence Slovenians had to use the extension .yu. Many of the initial registered domain names for .si were the converts from .yu. In fact, .si wasn’t even the country’s first choice. They wanted the extension .sl. However, the extension was already taken  by Sierra Leone.

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