17 Major pirated domain names blocked

In what might be considered a huge win for the Creative Entertainment industry, 17 Major Piracy Domain Names have been blocked by an injunction in a UK court. All the majority ISPs would not allow access to these blocked domain names. 

Different big Hollywood Studios including Disney and Netflix were up against these domain names. All of these Studios and Netflix collectively formed the Motion Picture Association. 

The court has banned these domain names: 0123movies.net, 1-2-3movies.com, 123movies.vu, 123-movies.gy, 123moviesfree.love, cmovies.ac, cmovies.online, flixhq.ru, fmovies.co, etc. You can see the whole list here

These websites were unlawfully presenting the content created and marketed by these Studios. The court acknowledged that these domain names infringed on Copyrighted properties and must be banned.


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