12 Tiffany imposter websites fined

As of 16/07/2020

A US Federal Court has fined $12 Million to 12 imposter websites, $1 Million each, who were stealing from Tiffany. Florida Southern District Court in Miami granted the sum to Tiffany and also the control of these websites which were infringing upon the Trademark rights of the jewellery company. 

The websites had names suspiciously similar to that of Tiffany with names like ‘tiffanyandco.net’ and ‘tiffanyand.cn‘. These names had double detrimental impact on Tiffany as not only were it’s customers stolen but it also lead to the corrosion of the reputation of the company. The company which had filed the case in 2019 claimed that these websites lured its customers from Google and had huge financial implications. 

Tiffany & Co. is a luxury jewelry company based primarily in the US. The jewelry company has a prominent position and legacy in the market with even a novel and a movie on its name: Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Even one of the most iconic rock songs of all time, Hotel California by the Eagles mentions the name, with ‘her mind is Tiffany-twisted‘ in its lyrics. Clearly these 12 websites were troubling something way beyond their scope! 


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