100th dispute resolution case of .cn and .中国 for WIPO

As of 09/09/2021

WIPO, in a post announced that it has received the 100th case for dispute resolution of TLDs .cn and .中国. Although there are numerous domain extensions under WIPO, these extensions have their own significance

.cn and .中国 are Chinese ccTLDs, and are in fact quite popular worldwide. Considering the rise of Chinese business firms as the global juggernauts, the country’s domain name scene is quite vibrant. In fact the domain names of these TLDs are open to all for registration. However, the process of arbitration wasn’t open for non-Chinese entities

In 2019, Director General of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) authorised WIPO for arbitration concerning these domains. Although these arbitrations don’t come under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Procedure (UDRP), the process applied is quite similar. 

The centurion arbitration case establishes the legitimacy of WIPO and hence is quite important worldwide. The concerned case was regarding the domain name TencentWeChat.cn.


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