This politician faces heavy backlash, with on point domain registrations


Greg Abbott is the current sitting Governor of Texas. Hailing from the right wing Republican party, Greg has been on the post since 2015, after winning the election in 2014. He has won twice since then, and is eyeing a third term this year. However, a recent step by him has made a lot of people uncomfortable. In a recent order he instructed the state’s Family and Protective Services to start...

City of Dallas adopts a new domain name


The Texan city of Dallas has adopted a new domain name. The city is going to shift from its original domain name of DallasCityHall.com to the new Dallas.gov. The news was announced in a post, on the city’s own media portal DallasCityNews.net. Interestingly, this domain name DallasCityNews.net is also going to forward to the new domain name Dallas.gov. The post discusses various reasons that led...

Texas county drops ‘us’ from their domain name


Texas has recently been at the center of US politics. The step to prohibit abortion has came in a conflict with the White House. News has been that President Biden might approach the Supreme Court regarding this pro life step.  Amid this another development was seen. Gregg County is a county in the Eastern Texas. A report by Longview News-Journal, has stated that the county is going to...

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