Price hike in .in domain names?


There is an important update for all the .in domain name holders out there. There is going to be a significant increase in the prices of .in domain names from 1st of April. 2022. The news was posted by the domain name registrar Gandi.net.  In the post, Gandi.net described that they have received a notification from the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). The notification talked about a...

Why did NIXI change .in registration procedure?


In a previous article, we talked about how NIXI is going to change it’s registration process. The change limited the number of domains that could be registered by individuals and companies. For companies the number was fixed at 100, while individuals could register only 1 domain. Beyond that, the permission of the CEO was required. This left everyone surprised. This move could seriously limit the...

You will need CEO’s permission to register more than 1 .in domain name


There have been some changes in registering .in domain names. Individuals wishing to register more than one .in domain name would have to seek permission from CEO of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). NIXI is the sponsor of India’s ccTLD .in. Registered companies can register upto 100 domain names. However, to register more than that, they too need to seek the CEO’s...

Free domain names in Indian Languages


As of 10/01/2021 Previous decade was dedicated to Globalism. However as time unfolds it is getting clear that the next decade will be that of ‘Localism’. The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has announced that it is going to offer a free IDN (Internationalised Domain Name) in any of the 22 Indian languages, when a registrant registers a .in domain name. The same perks are also being...

Google Fails To Renew BLogspot Domain, Breaks Millions Of Websites


Google just made a big howler. Their most recent blunder has downed millions of websites hosted on its blogging and publishing platform, Blogger which it acquired in 2003. The reason is not a server outrage, but the lapse in responsibility by a certain someone. It has lost ownership of blogspot.in, its India-specific domain for Blogger. The domain expired and the concerned person didn’t renew it...

Do companies in India prefer .co.in or .in ?


Yesterday, I was asked this question by one of the Indian NamePros members about companies preferring .co.in or .in domains in India. The answer might as well help some more people in the community. So here in this post, I will try to answer this question. Looking at .in history ( which started back in 2005 ) .co.in and .in was sort of equally famous back then. In fact, the giant company Google...

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