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Company incorporated in 1949 fails to establish common law rights


Bolton & Menk, a company offering engineering and surveying services since 1949. The Company was discomforted when it found out that the domain name was registered and used by a third party in relation to a Chinese website offering explicit videos and advertisements. The Company thus filed for a UDRP Complaint at the Forum. The Complainant had filed for a trademark...

Does a mortgage company have common law rights over ‘THE MORTGAGE LINK’?


The Mortgage Link, Inc. is a mortgage company incorporated in 2001. The company was particularly concerned over the registration of a domain name The Company thus submitted a complaint over the domain name at the Forum.  The Complainant claimed that it had acquired common law rights over the term THE MORTGAGE LINK mark, by the virtue of continuous usage since 2002...

Alstom loses domain name despite having trademarks


Alstom is a French Company that provides mobile solutions to boost sustainable transportation. The Company created in 1928 was initially called Alstom SA. In 1998, the company rebranded itself to Alstom.  The company was aggrieved over the registration of the domain name The Company thus filed a complaint at the Canadian International Internet Dispute Resolution Centre...

The International Truth and Justice Project fails to get desired justice


One of the provisions for securing a mark is acquiring notoriety. Notoriety here does not mean in a negative connotation but should be read in a positive concept of popularity. However, what does notoriety mean for non-profit organizations and how can it be established?  The International Truth and Justice Project is a NGO based in the UK. The NGO talks about and advocates Human Rights in...

Contention for fails to ring any bells


VNG Corporation is a leading IT company in Vietnam and has a presence in South Asia. The company operated a social network that went by the name ZING ME. The company operated the social network through the deployment of several domain names such as, and The Company however found the domain name  being registered and used by some non-associate and thus...

Respondent requests domain transfer and personal detail redaction


Securian Financial Group, Inc. is an American company providing financial security to a user base of over 15 million. The company has been serving clients since 1880. The Company has an estimated 64 billion dollars in assets.  The Company was concerned about the registration and use of a domain name that infringed upon its right. The domain name in concern here was The...

Who should Thermomix Indonesia go to: Manufacturer or Distributor?


The UDRP process has established a procedure that is able to evaluate the merit of a case through the fulfillment of certain criterias. However, there always remains a window for anomalies. And whenever they arrive the decision related to them becomes some sort of law that would dictate similar cases in the future.  A question arrives in domain name dispute as to the nature of arbitration...

UK Complainant fails to pull ‘China Arm’


Arm Limited is a company based in the UK. The company produces technology related goods and services and is said to have 180 billion products. The company was worried when a Chinese individual registered the domain name The Complainant has trademarks over the ARM in different countries. The company owns a portfolio of over 180 domain names containing the ARM mark such as

Partners separate ways, but what about the domain name?


WIPO came across a unique case regarding a domain name where both the parties were former partners. They both separated ways, but domain names between them were causing friction. The case was related to the use of domain names and  Clickbetter Ltd. was established in October 2012. The company was the joint result of two associates, one of them is the...

Pakistani domainer handed


CECIA is a French company that works in the food processing sector. The company’s name CECIA is an abbreviated form of its full name, i.e., Cabinet d’Etude et de Conseil en Industrie et Agroalimentaire. The company was aggrieved when someone registered and started using the domain name A complaint was thus filed at WIPO.  The Complainant presented the possession of several...

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